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Our trained cooling professionals can solve your comfort needs. Get faster, better, certified cooling repair service. 


We can provide 100% guaranteed solutions to the following symptoms:


  • Blowing air but not cooling enough or not keeping up during heat of the day, or running all the time

  • Not blowing any air

  • Musty or burning smell

  • Won't power on

  • Thermostat problems

  • Cooler exchanger inspection, crack detection and cleaning

  • Wires damaged

  • Coil cleaning and sanitizing services

  • Hot spots in the room

  • Ductwork concerns

  • Temperature differential (TD) problems

  • Air quality concerns

Basic Installation

Basic Installation


  • Removal & Disposal Included.

  • Mounting Hardware Included.

  • Piping must be within 15ft between indoor & outdoor unit.

  • Must have a dedicated 220V power source within 5ft of outdoor unit. *Brackets, Extended piping, Electrical work will be an additional charge.

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioning System

  1. Increased Comfort - Old systems that perform at less than optimal levels will not sufficiently cool your home

  2. Decreased Energy Costs - Old systems tend to work harder but achieve less. This inefficiency results in more hours of run time, with higher energy costs for your you.

  3. Decreased Noise - New innovations have decreased the amount of noise created while the system is running.

  4. Increased Visual Appeal - Newer models tend to have smaller outdoor units, while also having a more modern design.

  5. Increased Home Value - Improvements to your home help increase the property's overall value. If you decide to sell your home, it may by appraised at a higher value because you took the time to upgrade your HVAC system.

Service Maintenance

12 Point Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning


At A/C Sales & Services, we recommend a bi-annual cleaning of your residential air conditioner unit, to maintain its efficiency and integrity. The bi-annual cleaning is to be done every six months and includes:


1.   Clean Filters as needed

2.   Disassemble and clean indoor unit

3.   Clean indoor coil

4.   Flush and clean condensate drain

5.   Inspect condenser coil

6.   Tighten all electrical components

7.   Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring

8.   Inspect fan blade

9.   Clean condenser coil

10. Remove debris from condenser coil

11. Measure supply temperature

12. Monitor unit for proper operation

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